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Family Photographer in Sussex  

Whatever memory you want to capture, professional photographs will help.Whether it is your engagement, wedding, family portraits, or portraits of your pets, I will help you capture the moment and create memories to treasure. 


Your engagement is a uniquely special event, symbolising your love and commitment to one another. 
A set of engagement photographs captures for ever this wonderful moment of love, hope and happiness. 
The photographs can be especially valuable for couples who are planning to marry a year or two into the future. They are also very much appreciated by friends and relatives who live some distance away, allowing them to feel part of your engagement celebration. 
I love creating Engagement Collections, showcasing your personalities and your love for one another at this auspicious time in advance of your wedding. 


Creating photographs that truly reflect your special day. So many things combine to make your wedding a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime: 
The setting, the dress, the car, the rings, the cake, the flowers... 
And your wedding photographs will include all these things, and more, shot in a way that is creative, yet natural and unforced. Above all, your wedding photographs will capture the essence of you both as people, and the love and strength of your relationship. The style of photography - traditional, modern, contemporary - can be chosen according to your wishes and your choice of venue. Together we will create a library of photographs that truly reflects the personalities of you, the bride and groom, and the unique character of your special day. 

Pregnancy and Baby Pregnancy  

Pregnancy is a brief experience. But probably the most rewarding experience of your life. Capture this all too brief experience with a set of Pregnancy photographs that will always remind you of the excitement and anticipation of these wonderful few months. 

New Baby 

Everyone tells you how fast this very special time flies by. But you’re too busy and taken up with your new arrival to listen to them! 
Well, do listen! You will never have this magical time again. 
Book a photo session for you and baby and capture for ever the intense happiness and emotion of those precious early weeks. 
My years of experience with Pregnancy and Baby photography guarantees you photographs that are relaxed, natural and fun. 

Family Portraits  

Investing in a professional family photograph is a wise decision. 
The pace of life today often means that we don’t take the time to recognise the value of our family life. A family portrait provides us with a lasting record of our family at a specific point in time. With my portable studio, I am able to take family photographs in your own home, so that everyone can be as relaxed and natural as possible. I have years of experience in creating a fun and relaxed environment for your photo shoot, working with all ages, from toddlers to grandparents. 
You can choose the mix of photos you would like, of groups and individual portraits. Being in your own home a change of clothes is easy, so photos can be taken of children in ballet outfits, football kit or formal wear, according to your requirements. 


Capturing an image of your business that reflects the way you want to be viewed by your customers. 
Architectural photography is one of my main interests and I enjoy experimenting with unusual angles to get a more interesting photograph. 
I have a lot of experience in taking architectural photographs for commercial purposes, for brochures, websites, Company Reports etc. Check out the Architecture images in this gallery. 
If you have a need for architectural photographs contact me for a free no-obligation discussion of your requirements. 


Capturing the unique character and personality of your pet. 
The relationship you have with your pet is a very special one. My photographs seek to portray the unique spirit and character of your pet, creating a lasting memento of that special relationship. Your pet photographs can be taken using our portable studio in your own home, where your pet feels relaxed and totally comfortable. You have a choice of backgrounds, for example a black cat on a white background can be very striking, as in this shot. 
Alternatively your pet’s photo session can take place outdoors, where they can run free and be at one with the natural world. This pet gallery features some stunning shots of pets in their natural environment. Large or small, furry, feathery, scaly, slimy (yes I even do snakes!) my photographs will showcase your beloved pet authentically and beautifully. 


Sports photography is about focus, speed and execution. 
It could be said that the attributes of the successful athlete are the same as the attributes of a successful Sports Photographer! 
Sports photography is also about patience and being in the right place at the right time, and I have an excellent track record (sorry!) in doing just that. I capture the key moments at sports events for proud display alongside the medal collection! 
Contact me to discuss taking photos at an upcoming sporting event, or if you would like some individual shots of the keen sportsperson in your family! 
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