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Commercial Photographer in Sussex  

Commercial photography is used to help promote a company, product or service. Whether it is for social media profiles, adverts, brochures, websites or menus for a cafe, pub or restaurant, your photographs need to bespoke, eye catching and of the optimum size for the medium they are being used for. 

Business Portraits  

With my experience and state-of-the-art equipment, my portable studio (you can choose your background) and my own experience of running a business, I am uniquely qualified to take the business portrait photograph that will present you and your business in the best possible way. 


I became interested in photography while studying for my A levels, when I helped a friend to develop and print some black and white photographs. This interest quickly became an obsession and I decided to take a degree level course in Photographic Sciences at Central London Polytechnic. 
I have always loved the technical (originally I had planned to take a degree in Engineering!) and the artistic sides of photography. My Photographic Sciences degree provided a fantastic grounding in both. 


Top quality jewellery photographs require sharp, crisp focus. 
My training and experience, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, allow me to create stunning jewellery photographs. 
Top quality jewellery photographs are required for: 
Websites- website visitors are not going to buy if they cannot see the item clearly 
Insurance purposes – a good jewellery photograph can be used to find stolen items or to make a copy of a stolen item 
It’s all in the detail. A top-quality photograph really can make all the difference 


Taking mouth-watering shots of food for websites and other promotional materials. 
These shots make the food look so good you want to eat it right now! 
Contact me if you want your food to look fresh, colourful and totally delicious! 


Capturing an image of your business that reflects the way you want to be viewed by your customers. 
Architectural photography is one of my main interests and I enjoy experimenting with unusual angles to get a more interesting photograph. 
I have a lot of experience in taking architectural photographs for commercial purposes, for brochures, websites, Company Reports etc. Check out the Architecture images in this gallery. 
If you have a need for architectural photographs contact me for a free no-obligation discussion of your requirements. 
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